What should you post on your Information Station?

Parent BoardCreating a parent information station for your families is probably one of the most important communication tools you will post in your child care facility.

You’re first step is to decide where you will hang this Information Bulletin Board. You want it to be easily accessible to your families. Near the front door, near the children’s cubbies or in a hallway may all be excellent areas, depending on your setup!

Next, you will need to decide what you would like to include on your bulletin board. You want it to be welcoming and informative for your families so they will look forward to reading it!

We will walk you through some ideas and then it is up to you to decide which of these items you wish to include on your bulletin board. You will need t decide how often the information will need to be updated. You may choose to update your board once a month, weekly or even daily! You decide!

We would like to suggest that you purchase a bulletin board that will be big enough to hold all of the items you would like but still fit nicely in the space you have available.  Anywhere between a 24 X 36 inch boards all the way up to a 6’ X 4’ may work, some boards even have other features such as a chalk board or dry erase board, you may wish to purchase one of these for quick reminders. Only you will know what will work best for your needs!

Suggestions on what to post on your Information Station?
Board w/Clock:
  • Your sign in sheet posted on your bulletin board, or hung nearby on a click board, with a pen and digital clock attached.
Library Pocket:
  • An envelope pocket for children’s library cards to be placed inside when they check out a book and to easily return the cards to the books when they are returned.
Child Care License, Business License, Fire Marshal Permit, etc.:
  • Display your licenses and certificates on or above your information bulletin board. These look nice framed and placed above the bulletin board.
Evacuation Plan:
  • Add a map of your facility clearly showing two exits: Be sure to place the path for emergency exit in red and clearly mark both exits, more exits is even better!
CPR Certification, First Aid, Medications, and other Certificates:
  • These certificates can be placed on the board or again framed and placed above or beside the bulletin board.
Medication Sign-in:
  • This form can be placed on the board or placed inside an envelope nearby for privacy.
Weekly or Monthly Menu:
  • It is always nice for parents to see weekly or monthly menus so they know what foods their child is eating during the day. Some parents will find this helpful when planning their own meals at home or to learn new foods their child may be enjoying while at child care.
Activity Calendar:
  • A monthly activity calendar helps parents to interact with their children about what activities and themes they are learning during their learning time, and to get involved in their child’s learning opportunities while at home; we would highly recommend posting your activity calendar.
Monthly Newsletter:
  • Some families do not have time to read your newsletter at home but if you hang it on your information bulletin board, they are sure to read a section or two during drop off or pick up.

Other things you can do to make this area inviting is to place a long table below your bulletin board. On this table you can place a copy of your Parent Handbook. Emergency Cards placed in a large Card File box with this box clearly marked Emergency Cards and the children’s cards in alphabetical order.

You may also wish to hang wall pockets on the wall close by and label each one for the children to place their papers to take home. Parents will get used to and start to enjoy collecting their children’s papers from this file on a daily or weekly basis. Others may wish to use a weekly folder and send it home on Friday and have the folder returned on Monday to be sent home filled again on Friday!

These ideas should get you started on creating an inviting Information Bulletin Board for the families in your care!

If you have a center, you can create an Information Bulletin Board for each classroom as well as a main board for the entire center.