Atonement Child Care Center is located inside of Atonement Lutheran Church

4530 North 85th Street
Omaha, NE 68134-3125

We offer child care for ages 6 weeks through age 12 and are licensed for 99 children.  Our hours are 6:30 AM-6:00 PM, Monday-Friday.  Accepting ages 6 weeks to 12 years.

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Atonement Child Care Center is staffed by trained, caring, and loving people.  They are chosen for their sensitivity to children and their ability to nurture children’s individual needs.

They are required to maintain 12 in-service hours per year in any/or all of the following:

  • *First Aid and Safety
  • *CPR
  • *Child Development
  • *Nutrition
  • *Discipline Strategies


Children enrolled at Atonement Child Care Center will be cared for in an attractive, safe facility by qualified staff.  We are dedicated to the emotional, physical, social, and educational needs of the children.  We will share our love of God, our community, and each other in a positive manner so the children will learn through our example.

Children will learn through play and be taught through love! We will share our love of God, our community, and each other in a positive manner so the children will learn through our example.


Offering breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

The children are grouped according to chronological age with flexible changes made as children mature at different levels.  Parents will be advised when it is close to the time for a child to move to another area/age group.  If the parent prefers a different arrangement this may be discussed with the Director.

The center will maintain the following staff/child ratio in each area in accordance with the state licensing regulations:

  • *6 weeks to 18 months                        1 to 4
  • *18 months to 3 years                          1 to 6
  • *3 year olds                                            1 to 10
  • *4 & 5 year olds                                     1 to 12
  • *Kindergarten and School-age            1 to 15

We also offer Christian curriculum including activities and learning experiences in: language, math, dramatic play, science, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, art, music, reading, and pre-writing skills.

All activities will be adjusted to the social and cognitive development of each individual child.

All the programs in each age group will provide activities in social, emotional, intellectual, and physical areas.  Daily the teachers will alternate stimulating, free moving activities with quiet times.  Outside time will be scheduled daily, weather permitting.  In the winter time they will only go outside if it is 20 degrees or more, and for a limited time period in extreme cold or heat.


We accept drop-ins when space is available.  Drop-ins will be charged by half day or full day rate.  Anything over 5 hours is considered a full day.

All fees are due on Monday for the current week.  A late fee of $10.00 wil be charged if payment is not received by Friday and the child/children may not return until account is current.  If you need to make alternative payment arrangements, please see the Director.

For families who have two children attending childcare a 10% discount will apply to their total weekly bill.  For families with three children a 15% discount will apply to their total weekly bill.  YOU MUST HAVE ONE CHILD ENROLLED FULL TIME/5 FULL DAYS PER WEEK FOR YOU TO TAKE THIS DISCOUNT.

On days out of school there will be an additional charge if your child attends the child care on that day.

Thank you


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