About Us:

Bright Stars Childcare is a brand-new business but the people behind it are not new to this business. The owner has 26 years of in-home experience and the director has 5 years of experience in childcare centers. Our teachers all have at least one year of experience. We pride ourselves on not only educating our children but also making sure we are all learning new information when it comes to early childhood education. All staff are CPR and first aid certified.


Bright Stars childcare will provide each child a safe and nurturing environment with a schedule of routines that best meet the individual needs of each child in our care. We are determined to provide and educational based curriculum with varying learning styles to help each child hit developmental milestones and learn. Each child will be treated with respect as a valuable individual.

Bright Stars childcare will provide respect and support to each parent as well as provide quality care of their children

Bright Stars childcare will provide staff with a safe work environment and provide any resources needed to help staff provide quality care to children.

Early Learning Program:

Our curriculum is developed weekly for each room based upon a certain theme. The curriculum is designed to be age appropriate for their specific classroom. Everyday the children are exposed to a multitude of different activities. These include daily art, language/song, reading, large and fine motor activities, building, dramatic play, sensory, and outside time. Every child is unique and has a unique way of learning we strive here to have a variety of different ways to learn so each child can get the most out of their time here at Bright Stars Childcare.


At Bright Stars we are unique in many aspects. The first is that we have extended hours because we understand not every parent has an 8am-5pm job. We are open until 8pm to help accommodate this. The second thing is that our infants are separated into two different age groups. This allows the older ones to be able to work on their large motor skills as well as talking and other important milestones that they hit during this time frame.

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