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About Me:  Hi my name is Renee.  I am originally from Columbia, IL, where I spent most of my business career of 25 years working for Trans World Airlines (TWA).  I transferred to Omaha in 1983 where I met my husband Doug who was born and raised in Omaha.   We have two beautiful girls 17 and 19.  After the buyout of TWA and then being laid off by American Airlines I got to stay home with my girls.  My neighbors and friends needed daycare help and “Just Like Home Daycare” was born.  I am a licensed daycare provider and have been doing business now for 15 years. Besides giving out an abundance of love every day I also strive for a professional environment in a home setting and try to make each day something special for the children.  I am so lucky to wake up every day and do something I absolutely love.

I am committed to provide the children in my care with a safe, loving, stimulating, secure and happy environment.  I encourage healthy habits and provide an atmosphere where children can safely explore, learn and play.  Children learn a lot of important habits in the first 5 years of life so I work on family morals and discipline during this important time in their lives.  It’s so great to know and work with so many wonderful families and be a part of their lives and get to teach and watch their children grow.


I had hundreds of hours babysitting as a teen, and also taught swimming lessons to young children ages 3-6 during the summer. I also participated in the water babies program teaching infants about water.  During my career with TWA I worked with the unaccompanied minor’s assisting them to their connecting flights and also worked in the unaccompanied minor room.  I am First Aid and CPR certified and maintain all current state requirements.  I am a member of Midland Child Care Associates Food Program which helps to ensure nutritionally balanced meals are served to your children.  Monthly menus are available for review.  I have also participated in Applebaum training seminars.  Like I said I am a mother of two and there is nothing like the firsthand experience of being a mom.  Plus the 15+ years of providing love and guidance to the families that have entrusted me with their little miracles.

Early learning program:

Every day is an opportunity to learn through play and repetition.  I include activities to teach, sharing, caring, manners, honesty and respect.  I encourage emotional growth through show and tell and dress up time.  We work with activities including colors, numbers, counting or music and dancing.  We’ll work on the alphabet with favorite TV characters.  There’s story time, a favorite, and we explore nature around our outdoors. Indoors with paints and play dough.  Cooking and sharing is one of my favorite activities.  We also do crafts, which I love, and that is a great way to work on motor skills.  The crafts are quite often based on Holiday specials and themes.  I practice fire drills and tornado drills with the children.  We work on large and small motor skill activities in small ‘similarly skilled like’ groups.  There is a fenced in backyard with playground equipment, big wheel trikes , sandboxes, a playhouse, clubhouse and lots of toys.  Fun! Fun! Fun!


As a licensed daycare provider I will provide you with a Parent Handbook requiring you to supply current immunization, medical and emergency contact information as well as sick care and fee policies.  If you are interested I would love to set up an interview with you so I can meet you and your children.

Additional information:

I believe the most important part of a happy, long and lasting relationship between the parent(s) and a successful in home daycare business is open communication between the parent(s) and provider.  I will always make time to talk to you about any and all concerns regarding your children.  I can also give daily activity reports.  I love every child in my care as if they were my own.  Every child is a gift and working with children is a blessing.  I love what I do.  I have pets /2 dogs and 1 cat.


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