I currently have one opening for a little one 18 months or older and will have a spot available October 17 for a 12 month or older.  Please call if you are interested in setting up an interview.
Sonya 402-537-4598

About Me

I graduated from Metro Community College with Honors in Interior Design in 2000.  The middle of five children, I am originally from Norfolk, NE.  I started my in-home daycare/preschool in the beginning of 2002 and have been working with children for well over 20 years.  I take great pride in the fact that I do not smoke and I stress that in my childcare as well by only taking in little ones from non-smoking homes.  Having a healthy environment for your little ones is extremely important.

I love doing arts and crafts, including sewing, stamping, card making and painting.  I love being outdoors, working on planting or landscaping.  Usually in my free time I am involved in some sort of project around the house such as creating custom bedding or dolls, refinishing furniture, baking , making hand-made cards, or turning something I found at a garage sale or thrift store into something ‘new’ for the home.   I feel extremely privileged to be working at a job that I absolutely love and look forward to every day with the daycare kiddos and my daughter…most of all, I love the sound of children laughing and playing.


It’s my goal to provide the best care for both you and your child(ren).  I will provide a pleasant and rewarding atmosphere for everyone and encourage your little one(s) to learn at his/her own pace and treat each and every child as an individual.  My goals include making sure that each child’s emotional, physical, and social well-being are being met while in my care.  I will welcome your child(ren) into my home and treat them as if they were my own.  In order to have a healthy relationship I stress the importance of communication between the parents and myself.  The needs of the little ones can change quite often and require constant communication between the parent and myself to ensure the best care possible!


I have been CPR and First Aid certified from the age of 10 and keep up to date with them as needed.  Prior to opening my daycare I have worked in a commercial daycare center for a short while and then turned to being a nanny for three wonderful families.  Now that I own my own daycare I keep up on my training hours by attending monthly meetings and doing extensive research on the internet to keep up on the most recent news!

I have a State of Nebraska license and a Medicaid license and have worked with special needs children.  I am knowledgeable with nebulizers, asthma, eating disorders, and catheters.  Through the use of the state’s HALO program-Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones, I teach the children age appropriate food and drug prevention.  I also belong to Midwest Child Care Association, Henry Doorly Zoo, and ChildCare Share Resource & Support Provider Group.

Early Learning Program

I have put together and continue to gather information from various resources to encourage the little ones on their learning activities.  My program consists of age appropriate learning pages, alphabet, numbers, shapes, mazes, months, days, and matching.  I start to introduce the little ones to sign language at around six months of age and work on their motor skill using various exercises.  When the weather permits we may go on nature walks, or have baking days.  The children learn the importance of eating healthy and get involved in the meal preparation.

We sing songs and repeat counting and the alphabet throughout the day for repetition in their learning.  I try and make everything that I do with the children a learning lesson while still making sure that they are having fun and being a child.  The children get involved in a lot of role playing to get ready for situations that may come up in life.  I teach the children their parent’s first names and how to use the telephone.  I have a daily routine for the children keeping in mind that infants are naturally on their own little schedule!  I strive to make sure that there is not too much repetition in their daily routine to avoid monotonous and boredom by mixing up their lessons.  I want to keep them focused and interested in the lessons at hand!

I provide the parents with a daily progress report and a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date with what all of the children are doing at daycare and offer scheduled meetings to discuss the needs or changes of the children.


The parents and myself have a meeting to discuss their needs and desires and also go over my daycare Parent Handbook.  At that time I go over all of the required paperwork to be filled out and returned before your child may enter my childcare. All fees will be discussed at this time.  I want to ensure that it is a good fit for both the parents and the child(ren) along with myself.

Additional Information

I welcome people to contact me with any question or concerns that they may have about me or my daycare.  For more information, you can visit my Facebook page at:

Opening Hours


7:30am to 5:00pm


7:30am to 5:00pm


7:30am to 5:00pm


7:30am to 5:00pm


7:30am to 5:00pm





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