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In child care I have found my niche’. I opened my day care fifteen years ago and feel blessed to say that I still love my job after more then a decade of work.  Not many people are that lucky.  I worked in a center prior to opening my own day care. I pride myself on the close knit, family atmosphere we have here at Little Bears.  Many of my babies are big kids now and their families still stay in contact with me.  I prepare quality meals, most from scratch.  I don’t believe in feeding children a lot of processed foods. I am an avid crafter and enjoy crafting with the children.


My mission is having a loving and caring learning environment where a child’s natural curiosity for learning is nurtured.  We use the High Scope method of Learning Through Play to teach.  This method enables the children to discover many different skills in a hands on manner. I feel that the parents are partners with us. Communication is key.


I have run my in home childcare for fifteen years.  Prior to that I worked in a center. My husband and I did foster care for two years. During that time we were blessed with caring for twenty two children. Many had special needs.  Though we no longer do foster care, it is an experience we cherish. Through those experiences we learned so much about child development and behaviors.

I currently belong to Millard Area Providers, a support group for parents and providers that offers training and resources.  I am the former President of Millard Area Providers. I am licensed. I am certified in CPR and First Aid.  

Early Learning Program

Our Infant Program was formed on the knowledge that infants need interaction to develop to their fullest potential.  It is extremely important to us that all of our children at Little Bears Day Care get a great deal of one on one time with the Care Providers everyday.  This of course includes our littlest babies.  By reading, singing, talking and including them in our play they create bonds that are neurologically necessary for proper emotional and physical development. 

Our Toddler Program has plenty of hands on play and crafts as well as music time and story time.  We strive to give the toddlers the tools to become independent self-confident learners.  Many of the mediums we use such as various clays and paints, the toddlers get to mix and make with help from the Care Providers. To promote language and communication skills all of our children from infancy and up are taught basic sign language. This creates another way for children to let others know what they want or how they feel.  It also helps build a bridge to the spoken word.  Not only can the children talk to parents and caregivers at ages much younger than they could use spoken words, they can also communicate with the other children in day care.  That in turn creates the beginning skills for social interaction.


Please call or email, Dawn Marie for further information.  I’d be happy to answer any questions. References available upon request.

Additional Information:

Our day care has a large fenced in yard with a Rainbow Play System that includes a slide, baby swings, toddler swings, a rock wall and tree house, monkey bars, tire swing and more.

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Kristina Severson 11/10/2017 11:45 pm

Great in home daycare. Keeps you informed of what is going on with your child. Finding a daycare provider that wants to team up with you can be a challenge but Dawn Marie is willing to adapt (within reason). She provides her input of being an experienced provider and parent. As a first time parent has not only guided but assured us when necessary. Very glad to have found her.