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Hello, my name is Lisa, owner of  Little Hands at Home Childcare.

I am a married mother with three children.  I have one boy and a set of boy/girl twins, who are all currently in their teenage years.  The reason for my career change, into childcare, was because of medical problems associated with one of my children.  We have had to spend several hours in and out of the hospital and I felt the best way to manage his recovery was to spend time with him at home.  He has since had his final recovery several years ago and I have since continued my services as a day care provider.  I have been blessed to be able to stay at home mother while my children have been growing up.  During this time, I have provided day care to other children as if they were my own also.


As an In Home Daycare Provider, my goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for each child that will stimulate their physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth at their own pace.  Children are encouraged to express themselves through play, language, creative arts, and most importantly, FUN!


I have offered childcare in my home for more than 14 years.  As I have previously stated, I am currently raising 3 of my own children.  With the medical problems that I have been challenged with, I feel that I can help look after any child whether it be a running nose or a major medical illness.  I have cared for many children with major medical problems including: Breathing treatments; apnea monitors; and feeding tubes.

I am also trained for Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First-Aid through the American Heart Association.
I currently take and attend several of continuing education and refresher courses every year.  I have also attended childcare conferences.

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All policies and information can be obtain through the interview.

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Thank you for considering me as part of your child’s future.  I feel that you as a parent and me as a provider, together we  can expand your child’s growth and education.

*Thank you for visiting.


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