My Philosophy 

To nurture each child and to help them grow. Studies have shown that children learn best through active play and exploration in a safe environment. My program works closely with parents to guide and build a life-long love of learning within each of our children. I strive to provide quality care to children through developmentally appropriate activities and play in a loving and educational environment. 

My Experience

I graduated with my bachelors degree in Human Relations and Counseling from Doane College in May of 2016. In order to reach my career goal of becoming a school counselor, I am slowly working towards the completion of the graduate program for School Counseling. Running my home daycare not only allows for me to continue to work towards my educational goals, it also provides me with the experience I need to excel in my chosen field. In addition to my educational qualifications, I also have extensive experience with tutoring school-aged children. In the past, I have created individualized, comprehensive summer tutoring programs for middle school students in order to assist them with reaching their potential and improving their language arts and math skills.

On a personal level, I have worked with my own daughter to improve her literacy skills and by just the early age of 11 months, she began talking clearly and consistently. By 12 months old, she was able to varbally tell me what she wanted rather than just crying or fussing.

I’ve had a ton of success with teaching the children in my care. My current and past parents have seen improvements with their child’s ability to communicate/socialize (especially with younger toddlers who didn’t talk much before), overall behavior, as well as an overall increase in knowledge of their alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.

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