About Me

My name is Marsha, I am married & we just celebrated our 28th anniversary this past June. I have 3 children, not children anymore there is my oldest Jack Jr 29, the middle Jeffrey 26, The youngest my daughter Kaitlyn 24, All my children are married & have their own homes now. I am so very Proud of all my children & their spouses they have all worked hard to get where they are. I started out in daycare to be able to be home with my kids & to make a little income while doing that. As the years went by I just couldn’t see myself doing any thing else so here I am 25 years later still taking care of the most precious & valuable gift in our life our children. I say our because I run a family childcare home & all of the children that I have watched over the years have become part of my heart & part of my family.

Business Hours

Little TOTS Daycare & Preschool is open 5 days a week M-F

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that you are never too old to learn, play, or dance.

My Experience, Training and History

I have 25 + years of experience mostly hands on experience, although I have taken training classes in the past & I continue to take classes as necessary to get refresh & to learn new things my training’s include but are not limited to:

  • CPR & First Aide- updated 06-13
  • Safe with you baby taken on 06-13
  • Play ground & transportation safety taken also 06-13
  • Business Management taken in 1996 updating 08-2013
  • Behaven kids discipline bad behavior class 08-13
  • I have also started the 7 early learning guidelines training I have 4 more to go to be finished with the series

Classes are all recent I don’t have space & don’t want to bore you to tears with all the training’s but they do include Health & nutrition, arts & crafts, Policy & procedures. With these training’s I have a vast history of experience in the child care field.

Early Learning Program

I previously went through Funshine Express for my Curriculum but this year I am looking @ another type of curriculum one that I will own it is called easy Breezy preschool I did purchase this & so far I love it!!!  We work on all the basics shapes, numbers,Math, letters etc. we practice reading daily, arts & crafts, we also take time to play I find we can learn some important things while we are just randomly playing & it builds their self esteem when they have ah ha moments & feel in control of their choices.


I have a policies & procedure contract that we will go over @ time of interview.

Additional Information

I have references available if you would like them just let me know I will be happy to give those to you.

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Our Address:

6728 South 52nd Street, Omaha NE 68117

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