A Little About Me

My name is Jessica, blessed and proud Mom of 6.  I have given birth to 4 beautiful girls since 2004 to my last child in 2017.  In between, God has seen fit to bless me with 2 boys in 2011 and 2014.  I adopted my two handsome nephews; their mother was unable to care for them.  I work with the community and do a lot of service work.  I have mentored and still do, countless women (young and old) in bettering their lives.  For 8 years had the wonderful opportunity of either leading or co-leading my oldest girls and their girl scout troops.  They happened to be pretty large anywhere from 15-20 girls.  We were an over achiever troop over those years and we had fun.  I am a determined, successful, humble Mother who wants nothing more than what is the very best for her children.  Being able to provide for them while doing what I love is a gift.  I do not take it for granted nor will I if given the opportunity to help your nurture your children.

I get asked a lot why I do child care and how can?  This is my story; I knew after having my second child that I needed to take the leap of faith and go for my dream of having my own child care business. In 2007, I did just that and started with a small with in-home to work my way up opening a center one day.  My biggest concern was taking them out of their current provider without replacing it with another social atmosphere, which I believe Is highly important in a child’s development. I didn’t want to stunt their development so after consulting with family and friends I came to the conclusion that this was the best option for us. We found that opening a home daycare would benefit us is many ways. My children would still get their social stimulation and interaction with others, while I would save just a little each month on my budget. After-all I’ve had the dream of starting my own commercial daycare since the age of 14. This was just a leap I took in the right direction. Ultimately, I am moving closer to my goal.   Despite life’s curve balls.  I continue to strive to provide for my family and providing an enriched environment I’d want for my own children.

I love children and am looking forward to being able to spend more quality time with my children as well as yours. I will have a structured, tentative schedule planned out for the week as well as a weekly meal plan. We will have special activities throughout the week that will help stimulate their little minds educationally while having fun at the same times. The environment I have created is built on the morals and values which I wish I had when my children were in child care.

My Philosophy

I hope that you like what we have to offer from our family to your family and most importantly for your children.  I am dedicated to providing the same level of safety, security, love, development and happiness to your children and family that I would to my own children and family.  I am driven to provide a different style of care, while keeping the parents involved and working together to insure that everybody’s happiness remains unhindered while their children live, laugh, learn and grow.

My Experience

For your family’s as well as my benefit I am CPR and First Aid certified, (needs to be renewed every 2 years.)

I am a member of the Child Care Share Provider which I attend monthly meetings.  Here I can meet and discuss things with other providers with in the metro area.  It is an opportunity for me to gain support and problem solve.  The meeting is a great resource for in-service training.

I have 6 children of my own.  The opportunity I have given myself today, by having my own business and becoming a child care provider for my own kids as well as yours is one of the proudest moments in my life.  Today I am able to watch, interact, and teach my children on a level I never could before.  Being a full-time employee, a 24 hour mother, volunteer, mentor and home owner is exhausting.  I was lucky if I could keep up with the laundry much less the cleaning of my house.  My family and most of all my kids were put on the back burner.  There was never enough time to spend with my children, so I thought. Today I can spend the day teaching the children of tomorrow and have fun, while having plenty of time to cook, clean, and even relax in the evening!  Today I have been given the chance to be there for children and to supply them with the tools to help mold them to be successful adults.  After all they are the future.

Early Learning Program

Preschool curriculum is incorporated through our daily activities.  I believe the best way for children to learn is through social interaction with children their own age and above and in group settings for ‘Discovery/Exploring Time‘.  They learn from and teach others.  I like to incorporate and create games and fun ways of learning.  Each day I include everyday values to teach and promote sharing, manners, cleanliness, caring, honesty and respect.  Through my own experience I have come to truly understand that every child is an individual and therefore learns at their own pace.  However for each child I observe where they are at emotionally and mentally and start their education on their level.  “Learning Time” is provided everyday and is done in small groups depending on age and then on a one on one basis to make sure children have the opportunity to grasp what is being taught.

I have an older sister who has a love for Spanish and speaks fluently.  She has started with my children at a young age, teaching them the basics of Spanish.  I have begun to incorporate that into “Learning Time” as well.  My sister comes about twice a month as a guest to teach the Spanish portion of learning time.  However, you may request not to have your children participate.  I will respect your decision.

For children 3-5 there is ‘Learning Time’ everyday for about an hour.  During such time we practice writing (your child‘s name, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers), counting to 100, recognition of alphabet and numbers, weather, days of the week, months and years, holidays and seasons, telling time, basics of addition and subtraction, and science.

Basic Spanish (is offered, may be declined), such as counting 1-10, colors, basic greetings, Spanish Alphabet, first words and basic vocabulary.

Children 18 mo.-3 start having about a 10-15 minute time set aside each day to work on the alphabet, letter and word pronunciation, numbers, colors, ABC‘s, parts of the face and body, music and dancing…the basics of pre-preschool.  As each child progresses the learning time is increased.  I strongly believe through my own experience that devoting time and believing in the children is the key.  No matter how young they are providing them with the attention, love and the opportunities and tools possible for their little sponges to absorb, they can learn anything through repetition.

As a child I loved arts and crafts.  We do a craft or a fun hands on activity once a week.

We have a dedicated ‘Story Time’ each day before nap time.  Time permitting each child picks a book otherwise we take turns.

I have a large fenced in back yard, complete with a wooden swing set, new swings, baby swings, slides, play house, jungle gym, bikes, trikes, balls, outdoor games, and fun in the sun equipment.


As a provider, I provide you with a Parent Brochure which requires current immunization records, medical and emergency contact information, and permission sheets.

I also provide my personal handbook at the initial interview, which includes my hours, tuition rates, fees, vacation and holiday policies, sick policies, and additional information for becoming part of the Serene Daycare Family.

If you are interested, please call 402-714-6644 and set up an interview with me.  I look forward to meeting you and your children.  Thank you for your time and interest.

Additional Information

Through my own experience with multiple facilities and in-home providers, I have found that communication between providers/staff and the parents are highly important.  Open communication allows for things to run smoothly at daycare and at home.  It is the key to a long-lasting relationship between the provider and the childcare families.  I firmly believe that open communication between the parents and I is a must.

Please do not hesitate to discuss anything that affects the well-being of our children with me, (I am a mom too)!  I will divulge any information in regards to your child on a daily basis, and I would expect the same in return.  Daily Reports are available upon request.

Opening Hours


7:00 am to 5:30 pm


7:00 am to 5:30 pm


7:00 am to 5:30 pm


7:00 am to 5:30 pm


7:00 am to 5:30 pm





Once a month Date night provided, Overtime hours are available.


Our Address:

8735 S. 99th St LaVista, NE 68128


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