Childcare Programs can support a learning connection

Providing the tools that supports a learning connection!

the-classroom-circleEarly Childhood teachings are crucial to helping our little ones develop the skills they will need by the time they enter Kindergarten. We need the tools to support the connection in teaching our children today.

National Research tells us that 85 to 92 percent of a child’s brain has already developed by age 5.

High-quality education during a child’s first years helps develop cognitive skills, as well as  independence, a sense of wonder and discovery and a love of reading— qualities that need to be nurtured from birth onward for success in school and later life.

The best early care programs support every aspect of a child’s development including:

  • social-emotional development
  • physical coordination
  • teaching basic life skills
  • problem solving
  • practicing self-control
  • using strategies that help focus attention
  • learning to transition between activities on cue

RFTS Preschool: Early Childhood Teachings helps your little one develop the necessary skills while preparing them for kindergarten. Our Classroom Resources can help make teaching preschool fun!  Our Monthly Classroom includes child care materials and resources. Designed to lend a helping hand and to brighten up your classroom and teaching environment..

We have gathered a variety of monthly classroom resources to use year-round.  It’s easy to grab what you need, access teaching resources and download what you need,  when you need them.  Join today and begin your learning adventure!

EXCLUSIVE Classroom Membership Benefits included:

  • ideas to transform your policies and interviews
  • print-n-go child care forms
  • editable templates
  • letters, numbers, color, shapes posters
  • calendar and weather sets
  • meal planning, menus and recipes
  • center labels
  • daily calendar of everyday math and literacy activities
  • brain boosting activities to stay sharp
  • daily lessons for teaching preschool
  • library book lists and labels
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