20151029_111622Choosing the right child care for your child can be a difficult task. You need to find someone who is responsible, but also that your child will like and has a good time with while you’re away. Perhaps money and availability are an issue as well. There are so many things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right child care. Here are some ways to help make that choice a little easier.

Six Tips to the choosing the right child care.

  1. Ask around. Go to the people you know and trust and ask them who they use for a child care facility or in-home childcare and what it is they and their children like about her (or him). You can even ask your child’s teacher if she knows someone who offers child care that would be good for watching your child.
  2. Interview, interview, interview. Okay, this might seem like a no brainer – of course you’ll interview the care-giver. But don’t do it just once. Have a phone interview and then visit the facility and plan to visit multiple different times before making a commitment, it’s a great idea when it comes to picking a provider who will care for your child.
  3. Check out references. This is a great way to see what they have worked with in the past. Find out if they have watched children the same age as yours, how long they were a sitter for the family, and maybe even why they are no longer babysitting for that family anymore.
  4. Ask if you can be a Helper for a day. This will allow the opportunity to see how your child interacts with the provider. You might really like a person, but your child is the one who will be spending a large amount of time with them. There needs to be a connection between the care-giver and your child so a good way to check this out is while you’re still there. In this way you can see first-hand if it’s going to work out.
  5. Do some homework. Once you have gone through the whole process and narrowed your list of prospects down to one or two you like, schedule a second interview, check state and personal references, and spend time in the program to see first-hand how they interact with your child and other children enrolled in her program. Following these simple steps will help you gain perspective on the style of care you are seeking. Don’t be surprised if your list of ‘must haves’ has changed and redefined through the whole process.
  6. Trust yourself. Your mother’s instincts aren’t good for just telling you when your child is tired, hungry, or injured. Listen to them when choosing someone to care for your child as well. If something doesn’t feel right, then there’s probably a reason and there’s no need to try it out just for the sake of having a child care. So listen to those instincts and continue your search if you must.

Finding the right child care is a very important part of parenting. You can’t enjoy yourself away from your child if you’re constantly worried about who is caring for your child. Do whatever it takes to find the right one; you won’t be disappointed with all of the extra effort you put into finding a true fit.