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  1. Don’t upload anything that isn’t yours.
  2. Don’t Post Children’s Photos without a media release form signed by parents – for your records. We can provide you with one, if you need it.
  3. Show only content that is considered safe and ‘family friendly’.
  4. Don’t submit images that are taken from the internet, illegal or prohibited. When in doubt, ask owner/author for permission to use and/ or read terms of use if allowed, offer credit OR simply do not submit images.
  5. Only submit videos that you have produced or that you are authorized to use.

All submitted content or images are reviewed and approved prior to listing. If inappropriate text, content or images are discovered, it will be removed and your listing restricted.

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  • User [YOU] do not hold the administrators (owners) of [Omaha Childcare Directory and its representative’s] liable for any damages occurred due to your independent listing or for any misinformation on your listing, this info will be checked periodically by {YOU] the user – subscriber for accuracy and any necessary changes will be made by you or reported to Omaha Childcare.
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